It's time to gear up for first weed and feed preventative turf application

It may seem early but it is time to start thinking about summer weeds. A lot of this can be prevented with proper applications. Keep in mind, most  applications are weather sensitive. Here are some telling signs that you should apply:

1. February - steady temperatures between 50 and 70 degrees. When temperatures reach these highs for the first time in the new year, spring and summer seeds will become active and start to germinate. It is important that u start application process. 

2. Check for rain in the forecast. Timing your application with rain can make a huge difference on how well your treatment will work. Keep in mind that most products need at least 24 hours to cure on the plant before any watering is done. At the same time any liquid or granular product, in order to work, will need to be absorbed by the plant. A good rule of thumb, is to water the treated area between 24-36 hours after applying. This will ensure a healthier lawn and less work for you. 

3. If you have been talking great care of your lawn throughout the winter months, it should be in need of a mow already. It's always a good idea to have an evenly mowed lawn before putting down this turf treatment. 

Stay tuned for more lawn tips coming soon. 

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